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Virus and Spyware removal services

Think you might have a virus - is your computer suddenly running slowly or having problems getting onto the internet?

Malicious software goes by many names: trojans, malware, worms, spyware, adware, conficker, keystroke loggers, and more. "Virus" often is used to mean all malicious software.

Using the latest tools and our experience we can provide a quality virus removal service to clean your computer and then we will install new anti virus protection. Depending on the circumstances, sometimes the correct approach might be to wipe the hard disk clean and re-install Windows. In this case we will ensure all of your personal data is backed up first so you dont lose any valuble photos, documents or music.

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laptop repair After my initial call my computer was picked up and dropped off fixed and working again within 24 hours. The service I received was excellent. Sandra Thomas, Lisvane.pc repair