Frequently Asked Questions

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We take a complete backup of your computer in a type of compressed file called a. TIB You can find this on your desktop but you can move it anywhere including an external HDD

We take a complete backup of your computer in a type of file called a. TIB. This backs up not only your personal data like Documents, Pictures and Downloads, but also all your Windows or MAC system folders

We then extract the personal data and put it back where we think it should be. Documents in the My Document folders, Pictures in My Pictures Etc… If something is missing or you’re not sure, get in touch and we’ll help you locate it.

Acronis is a tool we use to backup and extract your data and one that you can use to access your .TIB file backup. It is safe to uninstall but you will not be able to access your backup. TIB afterwards.

Due to licensing we are not able to install programs from the previous installation of Windows. However, we do make sure that Windows built-in Anti-Virus is installed and actively scanning. If you have a subscription to a service. You can just log into your account with that provider and redownload any software you have purchased.

Your wireless router given to you by your internet provider will have a series of numbers on the side, typically referred to an SSID & Password. Open up the wireless menu located in the bottom right corner on your computer and find your SSID. (it will be near the top if you’re at home) it will then ask you for a password which is underneath the SSID on your router

You will need to reinstall the drivers for your printer but don’t worry, its not as complicated as it seems. Find the manufacturer & the model of your printer (Epson, HP, etc) and go to their website to download the software for your particular printer.

If you’re having trouble reconfiguring your emails, give us a call on 02920 766 039 or 07999 056 096

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