Laptops & Desktops

Software Problems

We are your local trusted company for fast and inexpensive laptop and PC computer repairs which are carried out on site in our Cardiff workshop.

If your computer is running slow, has viruses, pop-ups or malware and you’d like it to be faster then we can help. We will back up all your personal data and
update it to the latest version of windows, entirely removing unwanted viruses and malware. We can also install a super fast SSD for an even faster computer.

Hardware Problems

Our repair centre in North Cardiff provides the best enviroment for troubleshooting hardware problems which take time, effort and expertise. We can repair all computer issues, from simple fixes to complex repairs at outstanding prices.

Charging & DC Jack Repairs

Unable to power on your laptop even though its plugged in? We will replace the connector ensuring it's continued operation.

Motherboard & Components

Problems with motherboards are tricky to diagnose and fix but most of the time they can be repaired in house

Laptop Screens -
Repaired fast

We're able to replace most laptop screens for very affordable prices and we stock a huge range for a quick fit.