backup & reinstallation

If your computer is overloaded with viruses & popups, slow or crashing. We can rebuild it without losing any of your data.

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laptop problem
iphone repair
1. We backup all your data

First we back up all your data using special software that takes an exact snapshot of your entire computer so that everything is guaranteed to be saved

iphone repair
2. Reinstall windows

Once your backup image is complete and working, we completely wipe your computer removing any malicious software. A clean install is the most effective way to make sure your computer is running at its best. 

iphone repair
3. updates & software

We install Windows or Mac OS with all the latest updates and we set it up for you so you can start using your computer as soon as pick it up.

solid state drive

super fast SSD Upgrades

Solid State Drives (Sometimes called SSD) are modern hard drives designed for maximum speed. Solid State Drives don’t use any moving parts like traditional Hard Drives and so are far more reliable, compatible with nearly all computers and are ultra fast.

All our SSD prices include

  • Supply & fit of the SSD
  • A complete backup of your data
  • A clean reinstall of windows 

Msata & M.2

phone unlocking

For that elite PC build, high-end laptop or mac, you may need a specific type of card.

Give us a call to discuss
what type is best for you.