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We deliver a comprehensive range of affordable computer services, repairs and support for residential and small business customers in the Cardiff and Caerphilly area.

What you get...

• A personal, punctual and dependable service
• A flexible and affordable solution to any computer problem
• A FREE courtesy laptop while your computer is being repaired (subject to availability)
• Lowest price anywhere guaranteed

Talk to us today. You'll find us friendly, knowledgeable and approachable.


As well fixing your PC, laptop and network problems, we can help you with advice on internet connections, computer security, data-backup and virus protection - and any other computer-related issue.


Here are just some of the clever things we can do for you at We WILL fix Your PC. All prices you see below and all quotes given include all labour costs and VAT.

• Fantastic help and advice: FREE!
• Windows password removal: FREE!
• Memory (RAM) upgrades: £15 *
• Replacement laptop charger: £15 *
• General PC troubleshooting: £29
• Lost Data recovered: £29
• Data transfer or backup: £29
• Laptop overheating issues resolved: £39 *
• Complete Virus removal and system speed up: £39
• Replacement laptop fans fitted: £39 *
• Replacement laptop keyboard: £39 *
• Laptop screen cable replacements: £39 *
• Supply and fit new desktop power supply: £39 *
• Windows reinstallation with all updates and your data backed up: £39
• Laptop power connector replacement (DC Jack): £49
• Wireless router supplied and fitted: £59
• Laptop screen replacements: £59 *
• New hard drive with Windows reinstallation: £69 *
• Laptop motherboard component repair: £69
• Desktop motherboard replacements: £79 *

* = Price could vary slightly due to the specification, current costs and availability of parts required.


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laptop repair cardiff It's lovely to finally have all the problems with my computers solved so efficiently and well. Thank you, we enjoyed using the service. Walter Beard, Whitchurch.pc repair cardiff